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Ask Esther // 48

Hi Esther, I currently work as a graphic designer for one of the large, award winning, well-respected advertising agencies in Melbourne. I have been here for a 11 months and my role has gone from servicing all our clients to working on one client only – due to re-shuffling within the studio. I was recently approached for an in-house role of digital designer/art director for a leading fashion brand. The new role would enable me to gain more skills and expertise in areas I am very ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 47

Hi Esther, I stumbled across the Junior site and have been reading through all the advice I can get my hands on - and wanted to ask a question that I haven't seen addressed anywhere else on the web yet. I'm a Senior Designer (motion graphics/TV/Film) looking to switch sides into agency land - in a Senior role there too. I have a lot of experience directing teams of designers, coming up with pitches, directing TVCs and creating motion graphics. I've won awards. I've also done AWARD ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 46

Dear Esther, I just finished Award School and like many others seek entry into the industry. However, I am in my 40s. Eek. What advice would you give me? Can you even be a 'mature junior'? Is there anything it would be wise to know now rather than later as I begin my quest? Thanks Silver Fox Dear Silver Fox, AWARD School is essentially designed to give juniors a portfolio so they can begin the search for a job in a creative department. But it is also more than that. It's a ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 45

Hey there Esther, I'm just about to start out in the business (assuming all things go well and I can find a job post AWARD school) and was wanting to know a little bit about working overseas and how to go about it. It's been a dream of mine to work in places around America and Europe - particularly NY - but I don't have any real idea of what would need to be done to secure a position over there. Should I be looking to join an agency in Melbourne that has international offices, or is that ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 44

Hi Esther, Just a quick one - I've been participating in AWARD school and now that it's getting down to crunch time the all important decision of labeling yourself is more pressing than ever. While for some the answer is obvious, for me it's a bit of a toughie. I've got skills in both fields and have regularly switched between choosing one or the other at various stages throughout the course. I do think, though, that ultimately art direction would be more suited to me, but my skill ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 43

Hi Esther, I recently graduated with a Visual Communication (graphic design) degree. I also have another degree in Journalism. I want to get into advertising, but I have no idea where to start. Mostly I'm confused about how to apply to 'traditional' big advertising agencies, compared to smaller agencies that refer themselves as a branding/marketing/digital agency etc. The latter seems more 'design' focused, while the former more 'advertising'. Basically, if I want to do more 'advertising' ... Read More! »