The Interview Series // 21

David Racchi is a designer. David Racchi is from Melbourne. David Racchi has spent most of his working life in Spain. David Racchi just won a Gold Lion. Which smiley faced runabout in the image above is he? Could he be the middle guy? How cool is the middle guy!? Ha! No! He's the brooding character over there on the far right! Hello David! How are you? Wait, don't answer. We'll do the question thing soon. First we'll do the intro. David started an agency in the Spanish city of Murcia just a ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 06

Ah yes... Another monthly Junior event has passed us by. We're really having a ball meeting so many lovely new faces. Last week local typography hero Stephen Banham from Letterbox gave us one of the most memorable and inspiring presentations yet. We really liked his 'watch your vertical line' advice when writing emails to prospective employers. (There's a picture below.) Make sure you don't miss the next drinking circus on June 10, we'll be there with a new speaker and more attractive ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 10

See this picture above? It's Eric! Don't you just want to give him a cuddle? Aww, what a guy. He's currently one of the insanely talented creative directors at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. It's there that he makes ads for Nike and other authentically relevant brands. He made this ad about talking arteries which we think is particularly cool. We wanted to find out how we can make cool ads too, because we have no idea where to start. So we tried to ask some insightful questions, and maybe we ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 06

Vince Frost is one of Australia’s most well respected designers. His Sydney based studio Frost Design creates world class work for clients. You can visit their site to see what we mean. From our conversation huddled around a speakerphone, Vince was as humble as they come for a creative on top of the world. But he was a junior once too. Young, inexperienced, eager and shy. So he knows what it feels like to be you. He also knows how to be where he is now. Because he is him. So if you’re ... Read More! »

The Very First Junior Event

Last Wednesday we held our very first Junior drinks. Seeing everyone there made us realise the true reason Junior exists: Drinking! Oh, and having a really good time. Because life's too short to be lame and boring. And we're not into that sort of thing. Special thanks to our guest speaker Jeremy Wortsman from The Jacky Winter Group. You were hilarious and entertaining. And if you missed out, don't stress. We're holding the next event at Sweatshop (again) on December 10. For those who came, ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 03

When we heard Droga5 Sydney had an executive driver, we went nuts. Who is this guy? He sounds young. He sounds creative. But he's the driver? Maybe this job is the modern day answer to the ad agency mailroom? We wanted to know more. So we sent an email to Marcus asking if his bosses would allow us to get an interview with their junior minion. And although we may have called the MD and partner Marianne Bess “Shebangabang” by mistake – and it was an honest mistake, promise – they let us ... Read More! »