The Interview Series

The Interview Series // 40

Would you believe R/GA, digital agency of the decade, started in the late seventies as a production company? Founded by two brothers -- they created the first integrated computer-assisted production process (oh Wikipedia, you make us sound so clever)! Translation: they revolutionised motion graphics and special effects. Heck! They did the opening titles for the original Superman and have Oscars on their wall. Flash-forward twenty-something years and they've shaken up the fundamentals of the ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 39

Juniors, meet Sarah. We met her on a recent jaunt to New York City where she is the Executive Creative Director of JWT. If you were born circa 1985 like us, you missed out on probably the best years of working in advertising. But you might just remember seeing the ad that launched this Aussie expat's career -- Antz Pantz. 21 years on, with 10 of those years based in New York, we wanted to know how she made it through the eighties and nineties and got from Antz to the Big Apple, as well as the ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 38

Mike Drucker is one half of the writing/comedian pair “The Drucker Brothers”. They're subversive and funny. Mike has hustled to put together entertaining words purely for your amusement at online and television destinations such as The Onion, Saturday Night Live, McSweeney's, and Twitter. We first came across Mike's stuff when we read a short piece of his entitled A Robot Performs Standup Comedy to a Lackluster Response. Which, in our opinion, if you don't laugh at, probably means you ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 37 / agIdeas Special

While Junior was in New York, we found Hamish Smyth tucked into the folds of Pentagram NY. Hamish had one of those experiences where so many rad things happened to him, we just don't know how he did it all. First, he won a work placement at Pentagram. Second, he won a two week trial at Fabrica, Italy. Third, he won a full internship at Pentagram. Then! Just to top it off he's recently been offered a full year back at Fabrica. New York or Italy, or both? AgIdeas NewStar -- enter now! Only five ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 36

When the Bogusky of Crispin Porter + Bogusky famously exited the industry in August, he made a special mention of a few copywriters that he regarded as some of the most super, extra talented that he'd ever worked with. Among them was Bill Wright - CP+B Vice-President, and Creative Director on the agency's Burger King account. Just imagine thinking about all of those Whoppers and fries all day! Anyway, we hear that he’s responsible for some of the tightest work to come out of the agency. We ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 35

Do you want a DVD for free? Yes! Of course you do! That's what the Pedestrian TV boys, Oscar (front right) & Chris (front left) thought when they got onto video content turned zine, before anyone knew their hipster from their skinny jeans. From issues filmed at the Wet on Wellington, to interviews with Neon Indian, Chris & Oscar were on it. Now, they're working with peeps like Virgin Mobile, and Honda Jazz to create some pretty cool branded content. And, they've just launched a new ... Read More! »