The Interview Series

The Interview Series // 34

For this interview we managed to get our grubby junior mitts on one of the most successful creatives this side of the planetoid -- Matt Eastwood. This esteemed dude is so good at being successful, in the time between our chat and having our transcribing monkey do the typing dance, he was promoted from National Executive Creative Director and Deputy Chairman of DDB Australia, to Chief Creative Officer of DDB New York! It’s got a nice ring to it – don’t you think? We sat down with Matt and ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 33

What do you get when you mix up two cool kids, no money, and a shit load of imagination? Tin & Ed told us all sorts of crazy things about starting out as designers. Not only were they young-en's that started their own kick-ass studio straight out of Uni, they're now represented by the one and only Jacky Winter Group and are wrapping Australian design into a tornado of coloured paper and loopy costumes. Look at those outfits! They're super cool bananas! Jr: First of all, tell us how you ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 32

Back in 1998, the distinguished dewd pictured above, Luke Sullivan, wrote a book called Hey Whipple, Squeeze this. In the twelve years since its release, Hey Whips has become THE go-to book for all aspiring advertising creatives. There are several reasons why this is the case, but the only one really worth knowing is because Luke has that innate quality to call bullshit and talk straight. A quality that all great admen and women certainly seem to have. Unequivocally speaking, Luke Sullivan ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // MADC Junior Award Special

Are you a junior working in the Melbourne advertising industry? Are you still trying to figure out if awards are a waste of time or the key to success? Well here's your answer: Who cares! Award shows are fun and winning awards will get you a better job, but not winning them doesn't make you a loser and making 'effective' work isn't such a bad thing to strive for. Now that you know the secret, ENTER OUR VERY FIRST JUNIOR SPONSORED AWARD AT THE MADC AWARDS. It's way cool and your best chance of ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 31

Meet David Klein. He's the Associate Creative Director in charge of BMF’s new Melbourne office. It's easy to see why BMF (one of Australia's better ad agencies) put this hokey-faced bro in charge. You've probably seen his work for Nestle Drumstick or that shining beacon of football advertising, Toyota AFL ‘Footy Moments’. It's all gold! And you know why? Cause Dave just gets it. He knows his shit. We've done our fair share of these interviews with advertising bros and this one takes ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 30

Scott Thomas, also known as Simple Scott, was the Design Director who helped to get Barack Obama elected as American president in 2008. Scott is not your typical designer, that much is true, although the typical designer should certainly be more like Scott. He's an incredibly articulate and clear thinker heavily influenced by architecture, modernism and the human experience. All of which make his work completely utilitarian in the best way possible; people seem to interact with the websites ... Read More! »