The Interview Series // 08

We've had a bunch of friends who just want to 'go overseas and work'. It seems to be the holy grail of any creative graduate. You know, the thing that will mean once and for all, 'you've made it'. But there are naysayers amongst us! People like parents and disgruntled seniors who never got to 'live the dream'. Damn them to hell. But fear not young wayfarers! We found someone who said a solid 'f**k you' to all the naysaying wanabees and flew the coop to New York! Tom Jackson now works as a ... Read More! »

Dear Junior Series // 01

New Series! Woooo! We're calling it 'Dear Junior'. It's where we ask a prominent industry senior the questions of our audience. In this our very first, we're kicking proceedings off by asking the burning question every junior wants answered - what will this recession mean for us? You may have seen him on the ABC's Gruen Transfer, and when he's not talking shop with Wil Anderson, he's busy being the CEO of Leo Burnett, Sydney. Thankfully, Todd Sampson sets us straight on doom, gloom and when ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 02

If Penny Modra were to have a Wikipedia entry it would read, "Melbourne's Godmother of Culture". A founding member of the whirlwind poster publication Is Not Magazine, the current editor of ThreeThousand.com.au, a regular columnist for The Age's M Magazine, and until recently, an impoverished waitress; Penny is an editor slash freelance writer who knows how to make the best of her time. She may be mad as a brush, but she's also as sharp as a tack. Any young creative that comes into contact ... Read More! »