The Interview Series // 44 agIdeas Special

What a head-shot! Pardon the pun! But seriously - get this - before Adam Hunt started his career in advertising, he had 80% of his brain removed. No shit! We only found out after we finished our interview, so you'll have to see him speak at agIdeas (seamless plug) to find out the full story. Without giving too much away before he speaks as part of the International Design Forum, Adam has had quite the career. Working in various countries, winning awards, making t-shirts, and pissing off the ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 37 / agIdeas Special

While Junior was in New York, we found Hamish Smyth tucked into the folds of Pentagram NY. Hamish had one of those experiences where so many rad things happened to him, we just don't know how he did it all. First, he won a work placement at Pentagram. Second, he won a two week trial at Fabrica, Italy. Third, he won a full internship at Pentagram. Then! Just to top it off he's recently been offered a full year back at Fabrica. New York or Italy, or both? AgIdeas NewStar -- enter now! Only five ... Read More! »

Junior Special // agIdeas 2011 NewStar Design Scholarship

As you may have guessed, we're all for helping the young ones get somewhere in this loopy doopy world. Lucky for you, we've been given the heads up about agIdeas 2011 newStar -- known to be one of the most prestigious and important design scholarships in Australia for young, up and coming, fantastically amazing, super rad designers. The super quick low down: there's a call for entries launch party on Thursday the 16th of September held at 1000 Pound Bend in Melbourne. Then, you've got until the ... Read More! »