Junior Event // 34

Our August event found us back in the intimate surroundings of The Workers Club's SIDESHOW bar. Which was nice, because we got to get up amongst Darcy Prendergast's dreadlocks. And they were very interesting locks to get amongst. Darcy is from Oh Yeah Wow - a studio majoring in animation. He has done video clips for some of the best musicians in country - like Gotye and worked on the 2009 Adam Elliot film 'Mary and Max'. Darcy's passion for his work and Jedi-like presence inspired us to ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 11

What does one say about writer and artist Todd Lamb? This guy is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a girl's hoodie. He's one of those guys who has 'a finger' in a lot of 'pies', but above all else is a genuinely funny guy. And when we say genuinely funny guy we actually mean fucking hilarious man of steel with balls the size of Obama's brain. Before settling in New York City, Todd spent his years at three highly awarded US ad agencies, has written for several publications, had books ... Read More! »

Dear Junior Series // 02

Animators! They're a crazy bunch. Sittin' by their computers all day manipulating dimensions and shit. What a life. Bah! If you can get it that is. Well that's exactly what our friend Cam Gough did. He left his secure job at a studio to pursue his dream of working for himself. At only 25. What a legend. So this week, we ask Cam why the hell you would take the plunge, and ask for some tips for when (or if) we do. Junior: Everyone wants to quit their job and work for themselves, no ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 01

We met Tim on the rooftop of the Ritz in St Kilda. Yes, the Ritz. Sounds pretty swish doesn’t it - meeting on top of the Ritz. It is on this roof that Tim runs XYZ studios, one of Australia's premier animation studios. In addition to playing boss, Tim also directs some pretty amazing ads. He showed us the new server he’d just had installed in the bathroom. That was pretty cool. Then we left to find a good restaurant with a dark corner and plenty of beer. We ordered three glasses, asked ... Read More! »