The Monday Morning Whip // 75

Do you work in advertising? Are you supposed to be working on a brief right now? Are you trying to make it funnie? Maybe a little wackee? Thinking about making it funkee? Stan thinks you should re-think... As I’m sure you know, the iPad went on sale in Australia last Friday. We’ve had one in the office for a couple of weeks, so I fully understand why people were queuing up at the crack of dawn to get one. What I’m going to talk about today though, isn’t the iPad, but the iPad ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 60

Seriously. Stan couldn't make it much simpler than this. When you see an ad on the television does it have subtitles running across the bottom of the screen explaining what the brief for the ad was? No, of course not. Ever seen a poster on the highway with a copy of the brief attached to it? No, didn’t think so. So why oh why do so many juniors have creative briefs in their folios? If your ad needs a copy of the brief alongside it in order to help someone understand it, then ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 24

Hey kids, don't forget that Stan is a Creative Director in Melbourne. He's not just some guy reeling off random facts hoping they'll stick. When he suggests you do something, it's a pretty good idea to follow his advice. And this week he couldn't be more specific... As I’m sure you can imagine, lots of aspiring creative types in Melbourne come to see me with their folios. Yet very few of them ask me if I have a brief they can work on. Which makes me think that they’re not making ... Read More! »