The Interview Series // 09

It ain't new, but guess what? We are dawning on a new age. An age where no medium means more than any other. We're pretty certain nobody in the communications game is immune. Suddenly ideas, creativity and entrepreneurialism are the new order. It sure is an exciting time to be 'creatives'; especially young ones like the prococious so-and-so's that we are. So for your benefit we got in touch with one of the leaders of the new wave - Anomaly London's founding partner, Paul Graham. Anomaly New ... Read More! »

Dear Junior Series // 01

New Series! Woooo! We're calling it 'Dear Junior'. It's where we ask a prominent industry senior the questions of our audience. In this our very first, we're kicking proceedings off by asking the burning question every junior wants answered - what will this recession mean for us? You may have seen him on the ABC's Gruen Transfer, and when he's not talking shop with Wil Anderson, he's busy being the CEO of Leo Burnett, Sydney. Thankfully, Todd Sampson sets us straight on doom, gloom and when ... Read More! »