The Monday Morning WHIP // 22

Once you've got a job in this industry, don't do what you're supposed to do. What does that mean? Stan explains that if you want to be the Creative Director one day, you have to act the opposite from day one. Regular readers of the Monday Morning Whip will know that I love to bang on and on about how tough you need to be to get any kind of creative job. Well guess what kids – It ain’t getting any easier! So let’s say that you finally manage to get a foot in the door. Where to ... Read More! »

Dear Junior Series // 03

Getting a job. For some people it's the most exciting thing in the world. The thrill of the chase! Picking your favourite studio, agency, magazine, firm, whatever of your choice and banging down their door until they give you a desk and some pens. For others, its a scary, dangerous and intimidating journey. The interviews, the phone calls, the waiting, the pain! Well, we hear you friends. So we've asked someone who actually does the hiring for a little bit of inside info on what to say. ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 07

This is very fitting. Last week, we had no interview to post. If Junior was our nine to five, this week we'd have no job. But luckily this isn't our job, and we have no bosses but ourselves. What we do have is supporters. People like Stan. These are the people who deserve our 100% commitment. So this week we're taking it on the chin and letting Stan use us as an example. It also happens to be some good advice for every keen 20-something who's never been through a recession before. Because ... Read More! »