Junior Event // 30

30 events in 3 years! Look at us go. And what better way to finish twenty-eleven than with Grant Rutherford, who took a little time out from hanging out with dolphins to tell us how to be the next ECD of DDB. Well, sort of, kinda. He'd be out of a job if he did that. Silly. Still, he taught us how to be better creatives by not hating Katy Perry and making us realise that beer is not a food group - and he made us laugh. At him. And his Dolphin. Anyway if you missed it, you missed out. We'll ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 34

For this interview we managed to get our grubby junior mitts on one of the most successful creatives this side of the planetoid -- Matt Eastwood. This esteemed dude is so good at being successful, in the time between our chat and having our transcribing monkey do the typing dance, he was promoted from National Executive Creative Director and Deputy Chairman of DDB Australia, to Chief Creative Officer of DDB New York! It’s got a nice ring to it – don’t you think? We sat down with Matt and ... Read More! »