The Interview Series // 12 (Part Two)

OK, so yesterday we posted Part One of this interview. If you haven't read it already do it now. For those that have already read it, just quietly, this half is wayyyy better. Well, not that the last half sucked, but this is sexier. If the last half was Carrie Bradshaw, this half is Samantha Jones. Apply any analogy you like. You'll see what we mean. P.S. If you've ever wanted a list of blogs and magazines the successful and beautiful people are browsing, then this is where you'll find it. ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 12 (Part One)

Have you ever been jet-lagged? We have. It sucks balls. You wander around aimlessly for days and people say things like, 'wow man, you look like a zombie'. Thanks friend. Thanks a lot. And you look like an asshole. When Toby Moore and Selena McKenzie rocked up to an inner-Melbourne bar for this interview, they looked like friggin' zombies. We caught them on a weeklong whirlwind tour of their old hometown before flying back to their snug offices (above) at the 'world famous' ad agency Fallon ... Read More! »