JuniorTV // 04

Here at Junior we love the Internet as much as the next gaggle of square-eyed RSS-fiends, but compared to real-life, it sucks giant pear-shaped balls. You may be able to fly from tab to tab making click-leaps from Copenhagen to New York and back home again, but can you high-five new acquaintances over a beer in an authentic and hip warehouse space? No! You can't! Oh and don't you devil's advocate me Mr. Naysaying-Web-2.0-changing-the-face-of-communication-magee. I know your type and you're ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 16

Sometimes a room fills with incredibly creative people and you can't help but smile. That's how we felt last Wednesday when Ghostpatrol gave his ten tips in, well, a few more than ten minutes. But we were secretly glad it was a little longer -- there was something about his chilled demeanor, humility and beautiful illustrations that inspired everyone on a really deep level. Yeah! See what you missed out on! Everyone had a blast, and we transcended spiritually. Can't get much more ... Read More! »