The Monday Morning WHIP // 37

Have you got a piece of paper from a University? We do. When you went to your first job interview, did you take it off your parent's wall and cart it in with your book? No! Don't be silly! They're useless - a certificate to say, "I have a massive HECS debt, lived on centrelink paid for baked beans and drank lots of beer for three years." Whoops, hope we didn't steal Stan's thunder. This week he's gonna shake the shit out of you spoon-fed uni grads still whinging that life is hard. Suck it up ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 36

Have you seen Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams? Of course you haven’t, we’re Gen Y, we don’t watch inspirational feel good films from the 80s. Anyway, now you don’t need to, because our own “Captain, my Captain” is telling us to seize the day in his own simple, wise words. Creative Directors are busy people. So if they give you the benefit of their time, please use it wisely. When they tell you they like your book and that you should stay in touch, do exactly that. Because ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 35

Hey you! Staring into that computer screen won't do you any good! Get out there! Do some shit! Use exclamation points in your everyday life! It works for us! As always though, we know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Stop using exclamation points!" And, "Yes, I do need to get out there, but where do I start?" Well, we're glad you asked, unsure non-exclamation user. Why are we glad? Because Stan's got a free tip for you and it comes cheap. Very cheap... Last week I came across an ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 19

In this game you have to be constantly thinking. Where do you want to be in one year? Two years? Five years? Once you've got a few good ideas, sit on them. You've got to shake the Gen-Y shackles and be patient. Then start doing clever things like Stan to get to where you want to be. Patience is a virtue they say. All you've got to do is advertise yourself. Late last year I saw a job for a CD role in Melbourne advertised in B&T and Adnews. So I applied for it. Thing is, I wasn’t ... Read More! »