Junior Event // 35

Our final event for 2012 captured in all its glorious pixels by our man Bernie. Jason Deacon ACD at DT and Ogilvy gave his 10 tips in 10 minutes. If you missed out you can find them here. ...

The Interview Series // 14 // PN7 Melbourne Special

In celebration and preparation for Portfolio Night 7 Melbourne, we got in touch with two of its greatest supporters - Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin of Ogilvy Toronto. Not only are they responsible for Dove's 'authentic virals', Evolution and Onslaught, but they write a column for juniors called 'Ask Jancy' on ihaveanidea.org, and have used the best bits to pen a book aptly titled Pick Me. Junior: Hello Nancy and Janet! Thanks for climbing aboard the Portfolio Night 7 Melbourne special! OK, so ... Read More! »