The Interview Series // 26

We've been on the lookout for the perfect photographer to interview for quite sometime. Someone with a brain full of smart, a large collection of transcendental work and an undeniable connection to the universe. In the global search for such a suitable photographer, we looked to the far reaches of the globe's creative belt. Upon finding the perfect suitor by the name of Jan von Holleben, we sent one of our foreign correspondents to Berlin for a short but knowledgeably dense chat. The ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 07

And then there was another. It was fucking freezing but we're glad that those who showed their faces still managed to make it. Photographer Chris Tovo gave us some handy hints at what he thinks it takes to make it. More importantly, Juniors, he was talking to you when he said 'Never be scared to ask a photographer to shoot your work, specially if it's a shit hot idea'. Enough said. ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 26

It's no use calling yourself a creative if you don't make things. We learned that lesson last week. But what to do? Where do you start? "I need briefs!" - Graduate student, 22.  "I need inspiration!" - Artsy Schmartzy Dude, 24.  Bah! You don't need nuthin'. All you need is to start. If even that's giving you grief, here's some suggestions from our resident whip-cracker, Stan. You don’t need me to tell you that getting a full time creative job takes time. It can take months, even ... Read More! »