Junior Event // 20

Penny! Like a fresh breeze she sailed in and told us the what-nots, the who-hows and the go-do-its. This super editor from ThreeThousand, the now sadly out of print Is Not Magazine, and writer for The Age is the go to girl for what's the hip-hop-'n-happening in this town of ours. Penny spent the evening telling us to shut up, speak the truth, and not to use cliches, ever -- which, at the end of the day, we think is pretty sound advice. ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 02

If Penny Modra were to have a Wikipedia entry it would read, "Melbourne's Godmother of Culture". A founding member of the whirlwind poster publication Is Not Magazine, the current editor of ThreeThousand.com.au, a regular columnist for The Age's M Magazine, and until recently, an impoverished waitress; Penny is an editor slash freelance writer who knows how to make the best of her time. She may be mad as a brush, but she's also as sharp as a tack. Any young creative that comes into contact ... Read More! »