Junior Event // 08

We're getting to be good at these things we like to call Junior Events. So what better than to go back to our roots and have the infamous first Junior interviewee Tim Kentley from XYZ Studios throw us a few pieces of advice, while we threw him a few G&Ts. A few too many perhaps since it ended with him telling us that Mick Jagger was his biggest fan. Whoops. ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 01

We met Tim on the rooftop of the Ritz in St Kilda. Yes, the Ritz. Sounds pretty swish doesn’t it - meeting on top of the Ritz. It is on this roof that Tim runs XYZ studios, one of Australia's premier animation studios. In addition to playing boss, Tim also directs some pretty amazing ads. He showed us the new server he’d just had installed in the bathroom. That was pretty cool. Then we left to find a good restaurant with a dark corner and plenty of beer. We ordered three glasses, asked ... Read More! »