The Monday Morning WHIP // 37

Have you got a piece of paper from a University? We do. When you went to your first job interview, did you take it off your parent's wall and cart it in with your book? No! Don't be silly! They're useless - a certificate to say, "I have a massive HECS debt, lived on centrelink paid for baked beans and drank lots of beer for three years." Whoops, hope we didn't steal Stan's thunder. This week he's gonna shake the shit out of you spoon-fed uni grads still whinging that life is hard. Suck it up ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 27

We're big fans of the saying, 'Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education'. It implies that an 'education' has nothing to do with fees, debts, buildings or tutors. No sir, those things can be a drag. What it does have everything to do with is you. Stan is a man without a degree, but we'd argue he's far more educated than his university-educated colleagues. Think about it. Unlike most of the people who stop by the Junior website, I don’t have a university degree. And no, ... Read More! »