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You know, there’s this word people use called ‘impossible’. It gets thrown around a lot. Mainly by those more accustomed to talking rather than doing. This week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has a story that challenges the word impossible. Because anytime you hear someone say it, that’s your permission to find a way around it.

My friend Lauren is an artist. She does what she refers to as conceptual installation art.

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I have seen her work and it is jam packed with ideas. It also makes generous use of the colour red.

Thing is, a lot of what Lauren does can’t be picked up and put on a pedestal or taken home and put in a frame. So how does she fund her arts practice?

By using her creativity.

Drawing and sketching are a key part of her artistic projects. Schematic diagrams, hand drawn layouts, you know the sort of thing.

Smart cookie that she is, Lauren has decided to put those drawing skills to work on raising some much needed funds.

So she created 20 one-off works on paper and priced them at the bargain price of £25 each.

Rather than wasting time with a gallery, she has bypassed the bow-tied middleman and posted all of the works onto a blog. She then publicised them using social-media like Facebook and Twitter.

Which means she gets £25 for each one she sells. Not £15, which is more like what she would get once the gallery took their cut.

Now that’s what I call using your creativity.

Lauren still has a few of her paper works left. So if you’d like to support an emerging Oz artist, why not visit her blog (http://sheseesred NULL.blogspot NULL.html) and snap up a bargain before she becomes incredibly famous and successful.

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