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When we started Junior, we asked our mentor Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot to write a weekly column. It was to be called ‘the Monday Morning WHIP’, and was intended to be a royal kick in the arse every week for juniors everywhere. We asked him because it’s what he does well. We know he does it well because he does it to us. Constantly. We never question him, but some do. So this week, Stan responds to his critics.

Seems there’s a few kids out there who think I don’t know what I’m talking about. Reckon I’m too tough on you all. Reckon you don’t need talent, passion and persistence to get a job. Reckon you don’t need to be as good as Bernbach (http://en NULL.wikipedia to get a job.

So rather than reading what I have to say, how ‘bout I take a few choice words of advice from some of the employed people that the kids from Junior have interviewed?

“Make sure every piece of work you do is solid gold, no matter what it’s for. The amount of young creatives who just don’t put the effort into learning about the job they’re applying for is astounding.”

Penny Modra – Three Thousand (http://lifeatthebottom

“Patience is something that you really have to learn when you start at the bottom. I did pretty well at college but when I got to London, I got absolutely nowhere. It’s a bit of a blow to how good you think you could be.”

Marcus Johnston – Droga5 (http://lifeatthebottom

“A junior’s behavior will also get them noticed. Be polite with everyone you encounter. You’re a junior advertising creative, not an egocentric A-List celebrity. Be an arrogant shit and no-one will want to work with you.”

Craig Lovelidge – Creative Director (http://lifeatthebottom

“It took me five years to get into creative. No amount of Sherbies in a box is going to make a shit book good. If you’re idea is a bit gimmicky, you come across as a gimmicky creative. Rather than a genuine, intelligent one.”

Emma Hill – Clemenger BBDO (http://lifeatthebottom

“Build a brilliant book with diverse ideas across all channels, focus on digital, be easy to work with, understand how businesses work, get a great mentor, learn from those above you.”

Todd Sampson – Leo Burnett (http://lifeatthebottom

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