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What do you want from your career? Is it success? Recognition? Just to be ‘good’ at what you do? It’s an important question to ask. This week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot suggests that if you pick anything, pick being ‘great’ and pick it soon. Or else you’ll be older one day, and the only question you’ll ask is why you didn’t meet your own expectations.

As a youngster Aaron Fiora was a prodigious football talent, picked up in the first round of the AFL draft by Richmond.
His then coach Danny Frawley told him that with his natural talent he could easily play 150 games in his AFL career.

Frawley also said that if Fiora applied himself to become more than just a good player he could end up playing over 200 games.

Sadly like many talented young people, Fiora believed his own hype, and settled for being a good player.
But in football, as in any endeavour, good is the enemy of great.

So Fiora ended up being traded from Richmond to St Kilda. For a youngster not playing to his best, this should have been a wake up call. It wasn’t.

Thanks to his natural talent and abilities Aaron Fiora managed to notch up 140 games of football before being sacked by St Kilda.

He still had a year left on his contract and was just 27 years old.

Fiora didn’t make it to the 150 game mark. He never played in a Grand Final. He never made All Australian.
His talent got him so far. But it never took him to the top. Only persistence, passion and hard work can do that.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 22/02/2009
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