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In our downtime it’s easy to slack off. You might get drunk with friends, watch TV and eat chips or sleep all day. Sometimes fun, never productive. The key is to do stuff you enjoy while continuing to better yourself. So this week, Stan (http://www NULL.branddna NULL.blogspot has a movie list. Much like his reading list (http://lifeatthebottom, this is a gift from us to you so that you may have fun and become better at what you do, all at the same time

Next Monday is Labour Day in Victoria. It’s a day where working people take time out to celebrate not going to work for a day.

So this week I’m going to recommend some inspiring films for you to watch over the upcoming long weekend.

These are not action films. Nor are they chick flicks. They’re films about great creative people. If you want to become one yourself, then these films are required viewing.

Helvetica (http://tinyurl
You won’t believe how interesting and entertaining a film about a typeface could be.

I am trying to break your heart (http://tinyurl )
Fly on the wall documentary on the band Wilco. If you think creative collaboration is easy this film will change your mind.

Sketches of Frank Gehry (http://tinyurl )
If you’ve ever doodled unintelligible scribbles on a scrap of paper you’ll love this look at one of the greatest creative minds of the 20th century.

Antonio Gaudi (http://tinyurl
Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara lets the out of this world creativity of Antonio Gaudi speak for itself in this almost wordless documentary.

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