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Once you’ve got a job in this industry, don’t do what you’re supposed to do. What does that mean? Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot explains that if you want to be the Creative Director one day, you have to act the opposite from day one.

Regular readers of the Monday Morning Whip will know that I love to bang on and on about how tough you need to be to get any kind of creative job.

Well guess what kids – It ain’t getting any easier!

So let’s say that you finally manage to get a foot in the door. Where to from there?

Whatever you do, don’t just sit back and wait for the great briefs to turn up on your desk.

You need to be proactive. You need to make your presence felt. You need to make yourself indispensable.

Just because creative people are renowned for rocking into the office around 9.30am doesn’t mean you should.

Just because the Creative Director goes to lunch at 12.20pm and doesn’t come back for a couple of hours doesn’t mean you should.

And just because other people where you work are arrogant and rude doesn’t mean you have to be.

Be nice. Work hard. Really hard. And take any brief that arrives on your desk and do something with it. Add value to everything you do.

If what I’ve just told you to do sounds a bit too much like hard work, tough. If all you wanna do is sit around and dream up ideas you need to get a reality check. And fast.

Last week’s Junior interview with Todd Lamb (http://lifeatthebottom had one of the most insightful comments about working in the creative industries I have ever read. I’ll leave you to ponder it for yourself:

Junior: How did you go from uni student to working at three of the world’s great agencies?
Todd: “The world’s great agencies”. That’s funny. They’ve done great stuff, but it’s important to know that these are businesses. You should be aware of that. This isn’t a bunch of hippies sitting around a commune, cracking jokes.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 06/04/2009
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