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Hey you there! Pep-up! This week Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot‘s gonna lay down nice n’ simple for all you shoulder-shruggers out there. For you own sake – take notes. Or you might just end up the subject of Stan’s wrath.

A kid came to show me their folio the other day. He had a few interesting ideas, but overall the folio needed a fair bit of work.
When I told him this he simply shrugged and said OK.
I asked what he thought was the strongest idea in his book. He shrugged and said he wasn’t really sure.
When I asked him where he saw himself working in the future he said, and I quote, hopefully in advertising.
So I asked him why. Suffice to say he didn’t have an answer to that question either.
Please, please, please, if a senior creative person gives you ten or fifteen minutes out of their busy day use that time wisely.
Ask questions. Ask for advice. Ask for old briefs to work on. Ask for live briefs to work on. Ask for work experience. Ask them if you can come back and see them again.
Ask them anything at all – well almost. Just don’t be bloody boring.

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Originally posted on: 25/05/2009
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