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There is a common perception in the creative industries that a big idea is a complicated one. A loud and zealous client might complain, “This idea needs bells! It needs whistles! Throw in some cornices! And shebangabangs! Would someone please give this idea some shebangabangs!” To hell with shebangabangs! We need simple ideas. The ones that seem so simple it’s a ‘risk’. Well kids, the best place to start is research. And this week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has just the thing…

Unless you’ve been living in a rural community in the outback for the last six months, you’re sure to have heard of The Best Job In The World.
The job was for a caretaker position on a Queensland island.
Last week The Best Job In The World picked up an unprecedented 3 Gold Lions at Cannes.
That makes it one of the greatest ideas of the modern advertising age.
There are 2 things about this campaign I love.
The first is that it is an Aussie idea. Gotta love that!
The second is that the entire campaign was built around the most humble form of advertising available – the classified ad.
How many classified ads have you got in your folio? I’d hazard a guess and say none.
So what have you got?
Most likely a collection of print ads and perhaps some so called ambient ideas.
Well guess what – so has everybody else!
So why not do a bit of an online search about The Best Job In The World and discover the richness of this campaign.
Then see if you can create something just as simple (and doesn’t get any more simple than a job ad) and turn it into an idea so amazing that someone would be prepared to invest in it.

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Originally posted on: 29/06/2009
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