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I don’t care what your mum says, you won’t get a job with print ads alone. They’re over. Forget about them. Bury them in your backyard next to your dead rabbit named Ginger. You don’t make friends with print ads. (Note: Science and print ads are proven to make you LAME.) But if you’re smart, you’ll make some friends who know Flash, and they’ll make your digital wet-dreams come true.

Given you’re reading this on a website I have to presume that you’re familiar with the internet. Most young people are.
So why do so few kids looking to get into advertising not have digital ideas in their folio?
They’re an absolute must have these days, yet very few people have them. What I can’t understand is why.
Almost every junior that comes to show me their book has mostly print ads in it. When I ask why they have no digital work, they almost always say that they don’t know flash.
Well guess what – you don’t need to!
Ideas are ideas. This applies even more so on the internet. Other people with specialised skills will help make them happen for you.
Most of the creatives employed on the digital side of the ad business are designers. And sure they can make things look nice, but they very rarely crack huge ideas.
So there are always opportunities in advertising for people with digital ideas. But you will never get access to those opportunities if all you have to show is a book full of print ads.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 06/07/2009
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