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Have you seen Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams? Of course you haven’t, we’re Gen Y, we don’t watch inspirational feel good films from the 80s. Anyway, now you don’t need to, because our own “Captain, my Captain (http://branddna NULL.blogspot” is telling us to seize the day in his own simple, wise words.

Creative Directors are busy people. So if they give you the benefit of their time, please use it wisely.
When they tell you they like your book and that you should stay in touch, do exactly that. Because if you do not stay in touch you will drop off their radar.
When they offer advice on how to improve your work, be sure and get in touch with them a couple of weeks later. Show them you have listened to what they had to say and how they have helped you to make your folio even better.
When they tell you to come back and see them in, say, four weeks. Make damn sure that you do so.
Of course if you choose to disregard all the above advice, then so be it.
But never forget that every Creative Director you go and see was once a junior. And that they got to where they are today because they followed the type of advice I give you each and every week.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 27/07/2009
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