The Monday Morning WHIP // 38


Do you know what a good idea is? We hope so, for your own sake. Our good idea was asking Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot to write these Monday Morning Whips. Lucky for you we did. Otherwise you would have missed this week’s – where Stan tells us what goes into building the perfect folio.

How many pieces of work should you have in your portfolio?
This is a question that has most kids perplexed.
When I am asked this question, which I often am, my answer is always the same:
As many as you want. As long as they are all great ideas.
Sadly many people mistake quantity for quality when it comes to putting their folio together.
I really don’t care how many pieces you have, as long as each and every one of them is folio worthy.
And therein lies the problem.
Whenever I ask someone why they have a half-baked or uninspired idea in their folio they always seem to have an excuse.
Don’t make excuses for your work. Make it better.
A good folio, my young friends, is often defined not by the ideas it contains, but by the ideas that were left out.

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