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Ever been to see a Creative Director with a book full your precious scribbles only to have him say that your idea won a gold lion (http://12pointtype NULL.jpg) at Cannes the previous year?… Yeah. We’ve all been there. Don’t worry one day when you get a job you can steal all the agency’s award annuals. Problem solved. But in the mean time, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot‘s got some advice to get you through.

The ever uncheerful German philosopher Goethe (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.jpg) once said that, “Everything has been thought of before. The problem is to think of it again.”
This is the day to day reality that confronts anyone pursuing a career as a creative.
There were two great examples of Goethe inspired creativity this week. Both of them from Apple. The first came from the original Apple – Apple Corps.
They found a way to get people to buy another copy of the Beatles music that they already own. Yes that’s right, they got people to fork out $30 for CDs that they already own – simply by remastering them!
They then went one step further and found a way to introduce the Beatles music to a new generation of music fans, with the launch of the Beatles Rock Band game.
These two seemingly simple ideas have taken music created over 40 years ago and re-invented it in a way that is sure to get cash registers ringing.
Meanwhile the other Apple took the cute little iPod Nano we know and love and turned it from an MP3 Player into an MP3 Player with a built in Video recorder.
I don’t think anyone saw that coming!
Yet by re-inventing the iPod Nano, Apple have ensured that people will queue up to buy something that they already own.
So why not take some time this week to apply a spot of rigorous Goethe inspired thinking to your folio. Who knows where it will take you, but you’re sure to be able to freshen up or transform some of the ideas in your book.

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Originally posted on: 14/09/2009
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