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Is this job cool enough? Will I be proud when I tell others its name? Are the people who work here good teachers or idiots? Is the boy/girl at reception handsome/cute? Will I get to work on the good stuff or will I just make coffee? Will I meet famous people? Will I be at work until 12am? Is there a good cafe nearby? Will this help me to get a better job later on? Will this job ruin my career? Am I getting underpaid? Is it open plan or a cubicle cave? Can we have beers in the office on a Friday? Is it the next big thing? Will I find a mentor here? Will someone please give me the answer? Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot Is it the one?

I went to see (500) Days of Summer last week (http://www As a connoisseur of the chick flick, I wholeheartedly recommend this film to you.
Its basic premise is a young man, smitten by an enchanting young lady called Summer, who he firmly believes is ‘The One”.
Whether or not she is, you’ll need to see the movie to find out. The search for “The One” however, applies to a lot more than just looking for love.
Most of you reading this are also searching for “The One”.
It might be a job as an art director at M&C Saatchi (http://www NULL.mcsaatchi You may want to be a part of the Glue Society (http://www NULL.gluesociety And some of you I’m sure dream of getting involved with Droga (http://www NULL.droga5
Sadly in life, as in love, you need to go through your fair share of up and downs before arriving at your goal.
But the reality is that many of you may not make it there.
Like the young guy in the film, you need to understand that “The One” may in fact be an unattainable dream. And that you need to live in the here and now.
A foot in the door is a foot in the door. No matter where or what it is.
Writing catalogue copy at some shitty little shop no-one’s ever heard of is way better than hawking a folio around waiting for Droga to call.
Because you’re working on real briefs. And every brief you work on is a chance to create.
And every chance to create is an opportunity to do something that has never been done before. And guess what – you don’t need to work at some big name place to do that.

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Originally posted on: 21/09/2009
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