The Monday Morning WHIP // 46


As a human being it is easy to make excuses. No matter what your age, skill, or ability to talk about what you want to do. It is not a weakness confined to creatives alone, so don’t think of it that way. Think of it as a human challenge. A challenge you can begin right now. The first step, as Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot knows too well, is preventative. Excuses disappear when you become hungry. Hungry for life, hungry for everything, always.

To make it as a creative you need to be permanently hungry.
Hungry to build a great folio.
Hungry enough to throw that folio away and start working on a better one.
So hungry that you’ll work for free – not that I’d recommend it.
Hungry for success. Hungry to create. Hungry to do something amazing.
Hungry enough to push through the pain barrier.
So damn hungry you’ll continue pushing even after you’ve broken through that barrier.
If you’re not that hungry, go and get a job as an accountant. (http://www NULL.hrblock NULL.html)

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 05/10/2009
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