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whip 56

Holidays are almost here! And that means no more Monday mid-morning whippings from Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot! For a little while anyway. But remember kids, just because he isn’t posting, doesn’t mean you can’t be doing. This week Stan’s got three words that could change your summer – hell your 2010, if you let them.

Just Do It. I’m sure you know which brand those three little words belong to. As a tagline it is one of the best. As a way of live, it cannot be bettered.

Many of us, myself included, have moments of self doubt. We may be reluctant to commit, hesitant to act and probably spend way to much time wondering what if.

Which is fine if the only person depending on you is you.

But imagine if every decision you made impacted on a group of people. And imagine if the actions of that group of people impacted on thousands of people, maybe more.

Now you’re imagining life as a member of the SAS. An elite group of soldiers whose job it is to do the jobs that others cannot. They put their life on the line each and every time they go to work.

Their motto – Who Dares Wins.

With the holiday season almost upon us, I want you to grab a big fat Sharpie pen and scrawl the motto of the SAS on as big a piece of paper as you can find. Then I want you to stick it on the wall above your bed.

Then every night over summer, while you’re lying there thinking about what you should have done, you will have a constant reminder that lying there thinking about what you should of done just won’t cut it.

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Originally posted on: 14/12/2009
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