The Monday Morning WHIP // 86

Kids! It’s time to get creative. That’s the good ol’ industry we’re in, so that’s what you’re gonna need to be! You’ve got to get out there to get in somewhere, and the best way to do that is to shine among the others and make everyone else notice you. Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot tells us how we need to drag out the polish and sharpen ourselves and our approach up. There ain’t no time like the present.

AWARD School graduated in Melbourne this week. As usual a top student was chosen, as well as a top ten. Same thing happened in Sydney last week.

Another bunch of hungry and talented young wannabe creatives vying for the same job you are.

So if you thought finding your first job was a struggle, imagine how much harder it’s going to be now that there is even more competition for what is essentially a handful of opportunities.

Which means you need to steel yourself for the long haul, because getting a job as a creative ain’t easy. Never has been, never will be.

And maybe, just maybe, rather than putting all your effort into your folio, perhaps you should apply some creativity to the actual job hunt.

Think about the way you present your work, the shape of your business card, your phone spiel etc.

Because when two kids are vying for the same job, and they both have great books, one of them has to stand out. So make sure the one that stands out is you.

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Originally posted on: 16/08/2010
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