The Monday Morning Whip // 87

If you’re looking for a job in creative, just remember getting the gig is just the first challenge, the next is keeping it. This week Stan’s (http://branddna NULL.blogspot gonna give us all a reality check. Because it’s easy to get too comfy once you’ve settled into a job.

There is a lot to learn for young creative people from this weekend’s election. Most importantly the fall from grace of the Australian Labor Party.

Labor swept to power three years ago, on a campaign of big ideas and optimism. Sadly, after the initial honeymoon period, they stopped delivering on their promises. So much so that we saw the Prime Minister removed from the job by his own party.
As we have seen this weekend, it was all too little, too late. So how does this apply to you?
Well every time a young creative is hired, there is a weight of expectation on their shoulders. And like the Labor Party, if you fail to deliver on those expectations, you too could lose your job.

The expectations I’m talking about include, but are not limited to:

That you are first in the office at the morning and last to go home.
That you don’t stop thinking after you crack your first decent idea.
That you take every opportunity you are given.
That you don’t turn your nose up at a shitty little brief.
That you give 110% every minute of every day.

Meet those expectations and chances are you will make yourself indispensable. Fail to meet them and you may well find that your career as a creative could be over before you know it.

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Originally posted on: 23/08/2010
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