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This week Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot wants us to consider the opportunities that might not have been invented yet.

This week someone from Apple came in to give a talk at our agency. The focus of this presentation was mobile internet with, obviously, a strong focus on iOS – the Apple mobile operating system.

As well as the iPhone, this operating system is also used by the iPad and iPod Touch. When you add up all those devices it makes for a pretty sizeable chunk of mobile market share.

Thanks to the popularity of iPhone, mobile internet use is booming. And I do mean booming.

In fact, over in Japan and Korea, kids at college are having trouble working a computer because they are so used to accessing the internet on their phone.

Which begs the question – How does mobile fit into your folio?

It’s still a relatively recent phenomenon, so there are still big opportunities to do something that has never been done before.

According to Eaon Pritchard (http://twitter, the newly appointed Head of Digital Innovation at Clemenger (http://clemengerbbdo Melbourne, the digital innovation category at MADC (http://madc is wide open.

And who better to snare that award than you?

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Originally posted on: 30/08/2010
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