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Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot is taking a well-earned holiday. So this week we dusted off the Junior archive to find some real gems of interviews past. May these chunks of wisdom inspire you through the week.

You gotta take a shit job and turn it into a winner.Tim Kentley (http://lifeatthebottom, XYZ Studios.

Get a mentor who isn’t shit. – Eric Quennoy (http://lifeatthebottom, W+K Amsterdam

I doubt myself every day. I fail at something every day. I worry about whether something was good enough, or wide of the mark, every hour of every day.Paul Graham (http://lifeatthebottom, Anomaly

Don’t lose your junior-ness. Ever.Emma Hill (http://lifeatthebottom, Clemenger BBDO.

LEARN YOUR CRAFT!Craig Lovelidge (http://lifeatthebottom, Strawberryfrog Amsterdam

But don’t just look at award annuals, that’s the worst thing you can do. Be aware of them, but you shouldn’t look at them for inspiration. All you’re going to do is end up trying to make last years winning ad, and what you want is to make is next years winning ad.David Klein (http://lifeatthebottom, BMF Melbourne

I fucking hate it! Did you hear the inflection in my voice? I fucking hate it, stop fucking looking at YouTube for fuck’s sake!Selena McKenzie (http://lifeatthebottom, Fallon London

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