The Monday Morning Whip // 92

We’ve all got theories on Saturday’s “Grand Final (http://www NULL.aspx)“. We’re probably all going to have more theories after the “Final Final” this weekend. While we contemplate the outcome of that, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has cleverly managed to relate a few of his theories from the game to the creative world.

As the British designer Paul Smith (http://www NULL.paulsmith says, you can find inspiration in everything. And this week’s Monday morning moments of inspiration come from the AFL Grand Final, because it proves many of the theories I hold dear.

1. Passion and persistence are more important than talent.
St Kilda’s Lenny Hayes kept his team in the game, not through skill or talent, but sheer bloody mindedness. He willed himself to every contest and seized every opportunity that came his way. In the hunt for a job, or the pursuit of a big idea, you too must do the same.

2. Don’t be a creative. Be a creative problem solver.
At half time St Kilda were four goals down and looked to be on their way out. Their coach used creativity to solve this problem, by moving a defender to the forward line. This was an unexpected move that totally changed the game. When developing ideas, you too must attempt the unexpected.

3. Be nice.
Called on to speak at the end of an inexplicably drawn game, the Collingwood captain used his minute at the microphone to bitch about the sport’s governing body. If you learn only one thing from today’s Whip, learn this – be nice to people. You never know when you may need a favour or helping hand.

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Originally posted on: 27/09/2010
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