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Embracing a mistake you’ve made is like hugging your worst enemy. Painful, but as Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot tells us, it might just make things turn out for the better. Eventually.

This week I have been watching episodes of the UK version of The Apprentice. It is, I have to say, one of my favourite shows.

In the episode I watched yesterday, one of the contestants was having blame heaped upon him by his project manager for a decision he had made.

As you would expect, the guy was coming up with excuses by the dozen. It was what happened next that was unexpected.

Grumpy old Alan Sugar, the human centrepiece of the UK Apprentice, took him to task over his denial of the mistake.

I can’t remember his exact words, but it was something along the lines of embracing your mistake and learning from it.

This is a life lesson that is easy to convey, yet anything but easy to do. It is however something you need to embrace.

So don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Because sooner or later, what you learn from your mistake will help you achieve success.

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Originally posted on: 29/11/2010
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