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Today is a special day. Not only is this the first Monday Morning ass-whipping for twentyelev, it’s also Stan’s (http://branddna NULL.blogspot 100th. Cue the flashback montage (http://lifeatthebottom! Ok enough. Now, without further adieu; Stan tells us to switch ourselves on, grab a pen and battle the blank page.

I’ve back at work today after three weeks holiday. That’s three weeks of sitting by the pool, riding my bike around the Bellarine Peninsula and generally doing bugger all.

As you can imagine my brain isn’t really ready for work today. Yet people will still expect me to be as switched on as I was before I left for my holiday.

And guess what – they have every right to.

When you’re contemplating a career as a creative person it’s easy to think that your job will involve simply being creative. Which of course it does. But ultimately your job is exactly that. A job.

So you need to be prepared to be creative every time you walk into the office. You need to be prepared for the lifelong struggle of staring at a blank A3 pad with nothing but a Pentel pen for company. And you need to understand that turning on your computer will not make doing your job easier.

Because being a creative is a full time job. And as I always say, it may be hard work but it sure beats having a real job.

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Originally posted on: 10/01/2011
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