The Monday Morning WHIP // 106

2011! And guess what? It’s time to brush up on your thinking! Yes! Ideas! Thoughts! Folios! Jobs! Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot recommends you get back to basics (http://www NULL.awardschool to make sure your ideas stand out above the others.

A couple of kids came to show me their folio the other day. They had a few nice ideas, but needed to push their thinking a lot harder.

So I asked them if they’d considered doing AWARD School.

Not because I’d recommend it, but because I thought it would help them better understand how to really explore an idea.

They said that they had thought about it and were definitely going to apply.

Now as far as I am aware AWARD School is currently open for entries. So I asked them how their entry was going.

They replied that entries don’t close for another two weeks, but they would definitely get around to it next weekend.

Their answer to that question probably explains why their folio ideas were nice but not exactly amazing.

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Originally posted on: 17/01/2011
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