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Juniors, sometimes you have to think about the seniors out there. Not the pensioner, mobility cart wheeling kind, but those who know their shit — who have the ability, and the experience to tell you what’s makes a freakin’ good ad, and what you should do if you ain’t got one in your book. Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot tells us why we need to listen to them.

This morning I am going to share with you some wisdom from Suzanne Pop (http://adteachings, creative director of highly regarded Canadian agency John St.

“A number of years ago, I had an advertising student whose thirst for success far outstripped the quality of her work.

I think her work would have improved if she had been willing to listen to me or her other instructors, but that never happened.

My explicit message to her never changed:

Unless the quality of your work improves, you will have a very hard time getting hired.

When this woman started taking her portfolio around to interviews she heard none of the effusive praise she had expected.

Instead, creative directors ripped her book to shreds.

I have never seen student work get praised by a creative director after being panned by an instructor.

So if you are holding on to this faint hope, the time has come to unhitch your unicorns, smack them on the hindquarters and dry your tears as they gallop off into the hills. “

Wise words, don’t you think?

As I have said many times in the Monday Morning Whip, don’t show your work to senior people for praise. Do it for criticism.

Because that criticism, although often hard to take, will make you and your work better.

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Originally posted on: 21/02/2011
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