The Monday Morning WHIP // 115

A famous book (http://en NULL.wikipedia started this well known ‘logical conundrum’, and this week, one of these situations has got Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot stumped.

Over the last few months, I was looking for a copywriter to join my team.

As you can imagine I looked at the lot of folios before finding right person

What I want to talk to you about today, is something I think you need to think about in regard to your hunt for a creative position.

Putting your folio online.

You see I can’t decide whether or not it’s actually a good idea.


So am I.

You see most of the people who got in touch with me about the job sent me a link to view their folio.

Which meant that I reviewed their work rather than interviewed them for the job.

And those that I did interview were generally unable to show me anything new as I had already seen their folio online.

It’s a catch-22 situation for which I do not have an answer.

And it’s something I think you need to think about in your hunt for a job.


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Originally posted on: 28/03/2011
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