The Monday Morning WHIP // 117

Hmm, there’s nothing like a bit of hippy advice to start the week, right, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot

A little piece of wisdom from none other than Neil Young for you this week.

When Neil is working on a song or creative idea he says that he needs to, “Go sit by the rabbit hole.”

So what does he mean by this? I’ll let Neil explain;

“If you’re hunting for anything wild – and I consider any creative thing a wild animal – the worst thing you can do is concentrate on it, because it will never reveal itself.

But if you just hang out where you think it might be and ignore it completely it might just show itself.

Hence you go to the rabbit hole, you look at the trees and the sky. Then the rabbit turns up and you notice that, but concentrate on something else, then finally everything’s cool.

You and the rabbit are cool. And you have something new.”

OK, I admit it, Neil’s a bit of an old hippy with a fondness for Alice in Wonderland, but you could do a lot worse than take his advice and go spend some time by the rabbit hole.

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Originally posted on: 11/04/2011
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