The Monday Morning WHIP // 120

This week Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot reminds us there’s nothing ordinary in our extraordinary lives.

People who know me well know that I take music very seriously.

So in my vinyl and CD collection, as well as in my iTunes, you’ll find all sorts of music.
And lots of it.

Yet a quick glance at this collection could easily lead a casual observer to think that my music is comprised mostly of weird shit.

Like country music, dusty old punk rock singles, obscure Jamaican dub and jazz that should carry a government health warning.

Which is why many people (my wife included) are always surprised to find Kylie, Robbie Williams, Katy Perry and even Avril Lavigne in my collection.

My excuse, not that I need one, is that these artists make great pop songs.

And pop songs are what ordinary people listen to.

Which is why you should listen to them too.

Because the more in touch you are with ordinary, everyday people, the more likely you will be to have ideas that these sort of people can relate to.


Well let me put it this way – ordinary folk aren’t hipsters.

Ordinary people don’t covet the new iMac, they don’t listen to Foals or Deerhunter, they ride bikes not fixies and most importantly they don’t look down their nose at people who spend Saturday afternoon at shopping centres.

Trust me on this kids, because I’m one of them.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 09/05/2011
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