The Monday Morning WHIP // 121

Instead of writing a clever intro to Stan’s (http://branddna NULL.blogspot WHIP, this week we’re taking his advice and leaving him to the clever side of things.

Most kids have a selection of print ad concepts in their folio.

You all know my opinions on what should or shouldn’t be in a folio, so I won’t ramble on about what I’ve said many times before.

If you do have print in your book you need to follow this golden rule – An ad should have a clever headline or clever visual. Never both.

Recently though I’m seeing concepts that have neither. Which is kinda weird.

That’s ads without a clever headline or a clever visual.

Which means they’re not clever at all. Or interesting. Or eye catching.

In fact they’re just plain dull. And have no place whatsoever in a folio.

Well not if you want to get a job.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 16/05/2011
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