The Monday Morning WHIP // 135

It’s Junior’s End of Financial Year WHIP! That’s right, this week Stan’s (http://branddna NULL.blogspot got advice that’ll have you working in no time. Freelance opportunities – out they go! This is the time to get your folio in order and hurry into your nearest agency. HURRY! This amazing window of opportunity MUST END SOON!

With the end of the financial year coming rapidly to an end brands are looking to spend the money in their annual budget that they have yet to spend.

They do this because if they don’t spend all of their allocated budget, then next year their budget is reduced by their company’s finance people.

Which means June into July is a busy time at agencies. And when agencies get busy they tend to turn to freelance creative people for help.

So why not use today to get on the phone and make a few phone calls to the people you have shown your folio this year.

You may get lucky. You may not.

But regardless of that, you should always stay in regular contact with the senior people you show your ideas to.

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Originally posted on: 27/06/2011
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