The Monday Morning WHIP // 140

This week Stan’s (http://branddna NULL.blogspot advice is simple…

Digital is now an everyday part of our life. Both personally and at work.

We shoot on digital cameras. We write on computers. Even our TV signal is going digital.

So it stands to reason you should have digital ideas in your folio.

By digital ideas I don’t mean clever banner ads – they’re just ads done digitally.

I’m talking about ideas that either exploit the opportunities offered by digital or ideas that would not be possible without digital.

Now the problem with ideas of this type is that they can often be hard to explain with little more than a picture and a few words.

This however is your problem. Not mine.

You need to learn to use your creativity to explain or sell an idea as simply as possible.

An elevator pitch is the term they use in Hollywood. They probably use it in Silicon Valley as well.

So if you have some clever yet complex thinking in your book, put your thinking cap on and find a way to make it easy to understand.

Because if you don’t you’re going find it very hard to get people to fall in love that that idea.

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Originally posted on: 08/08/2011
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