The Monday Morning WHIP // 156

This week the brief is you.

Every big company, as far as I’m aware, has a marketing department.

And the role of the people in these departments is to get brands noticed, considered and ultimately purchased.

So who is looking after your marketing?

That’s right kids….It’s you.

Every time you send an email, every time you talk to an agency or potential client, every time you post something on Twitter, it’s all marketing.

So don’t waste any opportunity to market yourself.

Think about the way that email reflects on your personal brand.

Think about what people are going to think after they hang up the phone after a conversation with you.

And think long and hard about the stuff you post out there on the internet.

Because all of it is marketing.

Personal marketing.

And if you get your marketing right, you’ll get noticed, considered and ultimately purchased.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 05/12/2011
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