The Monday Morning WHIP // 161

This week, Stan’s gonna get you thinking about the flip side.

I was chatting with some kids about their folio the other day.

One of the ads they showed me was for a product that was crying out to have the negativity associated with it celebrated.

When I pointed this out to them they looked more than a little lost.

So I shared an example with them. It suddenly had them thinking about their folio in a whole new way.

They suggested I share it with you this sunny Monday morning.

Here goes;

Imagine a hair product that has a very firm hold. Now try and advertise it.

Most people come up with ideas around Mohawks etc. Obvious sort of stuff.

What you need to do is think of the negative side – demonstrate the downside of a Mohawk with the firm hold gel.

Like waking up in a pile of feathers because it’s slashed your pillow to pieces. Or a baseball cap severed in two pieces. Or the roof lining in your car getting slashed as you drive.

Dumb stuff I know, but it clearly demonstrates the benefit of the product by turning a negative into a negative.

Which is sure to have a positive outcome for you.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 23/01/2012
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